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Conventions and Trade Shows & Promotional Products

Choosing the right promotional items for your convention or trade show

After the Trade Show... Will they Remember you?

Ad Quest Promotions has the answer: promotional items imprinted with your logo and message, that will stay on people's minds (and in their hands) long after the last banner has been taken down.
By giving the people you meet a tangible reminder of who you are, what you do, and how to contact you, you've raised the likelihood of follow-up responses to your presence at events.



What's the purpose?

  • Break the ice
  • Differentiate yourself from other exhibitors
  • Increase booth traffic
  • Recall after the event

Promotional products help open conversations, make your booth a standout from the rest of the crowd and are always handy to help your potentials clients find you after the event is over.



Who's your audience?

Do your homework before the event. A mailing (including a promotional product – or even a part of one) prior to the event can help draw people to your booth. Contact us today. We have some exceptional ideas to help you with that upcoming event!



Are you inside or outside the box?

Trade shows and conventions are great places to let your imagination go wild and use that unique promotional product. Make it useful in everyday situations so that the attendees will have a reason to hang onto the item and use it regularly. The more it’s used, the more powerful the affect it has on y9our brand.  Your company’s logo will be associated with that useful and unique item.


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